I am a Queen.                                                                                      

I am the daughter of a King.                                                        

Does it matter that I am no longer in my youth?                     

Does it matter that after a long day’s journey I soak my feet?

Does it matter that I now sometimes use creams and Ibuprofen for pains?                                                                                       

Does it make me less of a Queen because I have wrinkles at the corners of my eyes?                                                                     

Couldn’t that be because I too often smile rather than frown?

Does it matter that when I walk my thighs briefly meet and touch?                                                                                            

Does it matter that the muscles in my arms are upside down and wobble?                                                                                         

I am still a Queen.                                                                        

Even as I age and my body may become a little frail.                 

My inner strength, beauty and youthfulness still remain intact.

When I speak, I speak with authority that demands respect.

When I walk, it is all my own and I still make heads turn.      

You don’t have to see my crown to know that I am a Queen.     

I don’t have to wear expensive jewels on my body because unlike their price tag, it is I who is really priceless.          

Whether dressed up or even dressed down, I am a Queen.   

You ask why?                                                                                   

It’s because I am the daughter of The King.

-Timika Wimberly-


About timikalwimberly

I am the person who can light up the place with my personality or the person you can find in the corner observing my surroundings. I smile because I know the secret to joy and peace is not found in man but in God. I laugh because even though life is hard I am still alive to at least experience it. I have no complaints because I am a work in progress and flaws only make me even more beautiful.
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2 Responses to Queen

  1. Satyra King says:

    Nice poem!
    Has Mathew seen it?

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