The TRUTH according to Lyfe

I was listening to the new song “Statistic” by Lyfe Jennings.  He was talking about how to weed out the losers and find the 10% of good men left.  Here are the rules he stated in his song:

Don’t be a booty call
If he don’t respect you girl he gon’t forget you girl

If he’s in a relationship
If he will cheat on her that means he will cheat on you

Tell him that you’re celibate
And if he wants some of your goodies he gon’t have to work for it

Be the person you wanna find
Don’t be a nickel out here lookin’ for a dime

A lot of times we as women are too willing to accept just having somebody for the sake of it.  We don’t always consider how he may really feel about you and how he treats you.  Often times we lower our standards to accommodate that particular man and then  spend most of our time trying to mold and shape him into the ideal man of our dreams.  Then we become hurt and broken-hearted when he fights against our “suggestions”, etc. and usually ups and leaves.  We then have the audacity to become bitter women talking about how all men are no good, well YOUR man wasn’t any good and if you had used better judgement you would have admitted it from the beginning and left him alone.

I like how he says, “Be the person you wanna find
Don’t be a nickel out here lookin’ for a dime”. 
We have all of these high expectations out of him but we ourselves haven’t gotten our crap together.

Simply put it like this, why would a jeweler take time to fashion a rare and exotic jewel into the perfect shape, etc. just to put it in a dinky bubble gum setting?  It you’re a bubble gum setting why would you be looking for a priceless jewel?  Vice Versa.

Maybe if you take time to learn about yourself and be realistic maybe you won’t be spending your time being a booty call or a nickel and be a woman of substance who deserves a man of substance.


About timikalwimberly

I am the person who can light up the place with my personality or the person you can find in the corner observing my surroundings. I smile because I know the secret to joy and peace is not found in man but in God. I laugh because even though life is hard I am still alive to at least experience it. I have no complaints because I am a work in progress and flaws only make me even more beautiful.
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