Feel free to hate on me!

I was watching a comedian one night and he was talking about the subject of haters.  He talked about how they talk about you and try to tear you down because they don’t have any ambition or life has beaten their dreams out of them and left them bitter.  But he said something that tickled me but also inspires me.  He told all haters to feel free to hate on him.  He also said that those who are currently looking for a hater position that they could be hired to hate on him as well.

There will always be those who will “hate” you because you want more for yourself.  Sometimes they have gone through so many “haters” and have finally believed the lies they were told about themselves.    I used to be the one who sat in the corner and started to believe those lies until one day I just looked up and said, “Lord, who am I to you”?  Wow.  In his eyes I am a female Michael Jordan.  Smile. 

I have BIG dreams, BIG aspirations and a BIG heart that won’t let me stay in a box and accept what others say I can and cannot have.  I don’t have time to sit around listening to that negative crap others are saying about me or to me.

So, to all of my current and future haters I have to say this, “Feel free to hate on me cause I can’t stop and I won’t stop”!


About timikalwimberly

I am the person who can light up the place with my personality or the person you can find in the corner observing my surroundings. I smile because I know the secret to joy and peace is not found in man but in God. I laugh because even though life is hard I am still alive to at least experience it. I have no complaints because I am a work in progress and flaws only make me even more beautiful.
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