Footprints in my sand

Life is awesome albeit often with many hardships and troubles.  This year I have lost quite a few people in my life – some linked directly to me personally and indirectly through someone I love.  Everytime I hear of losing yet another person from the land of the living, I often find myself finding a quiet spot to think and meditate.  I, myself, have long learned how to “hide” my emotions and choose to rather deal with them in private.  But as I write this I feel that dull pain in my heart and the whispered words, “Why did they have to go”?

Somone told me that death must knock at everyone’s door, it is a part of the cirle of life.  I understand this albeit I often feel very saddened by this simple truth.  I know that surely as you were born into this earth alone, even with loved ones surrounding you will surely leave this earth alone.  They will stay behind but you will journey to another place or should I say your spirit/soul.

So I blow a kiss to those who have left me, no matter when it all seems to be too soon.  These are the people who reside on my shoulder when I journey and transition into new phases in my life. 

Good-bye Grandma Gracy who raised me from the age of 9 to protect what was left of my stolen innocence until womanhood.  Instilled in me the fear and love of GOD and the spirit to survive and conquer all.

Good-bye Uncle Enoch who always wanted me to “be encouraged” and to be who I was born to be.

Good-bye Grandpa King who made me feel safe and loved.  Time was so short but my memory of you is long.

Good-bye Josie Mae who taught me about the spirit of hospitality.  Even when an enemy comes they should never be treated any differently.  In fact we often win people by first being friendly.

I blow tender kisses to those mentioned above and others who have left footprints in my life.


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