The Crab that got out

Have you ever watched a bunch of live crabs in a bucket? They are all trying to get out of the bucket back to freedom.  Have you noticed how when one almost gets to the top and it looks like that leg is going to get over the top of the bucket two or three other crabs grab him and pull him back down to the bottom with them?  Isn’t that true for real life?  It seems like for every one person who is trying to get out of their current situation, trying to make something better of themself or for their family there are two or more people trying to bring them back down.  It is the negative words or deeds intended to discourage you.  A way to demean you. 

I was watching some live crabs in a bucket.  I saw one particular crab who kept getting snatched back to the bottom but he never would stop trying to reach the top.  And you know what?  He made it to the top and actually got over the top of the bucket.  Then he actually started coming towards me.  You know I took off and finally one of the fishermen got him back and threw him in the bucket with the others.

Watching that crab has been a great inspiration to me in many ways.  As a small child I didn’t truly understand how watching that crab would have an effect on me in my older years.  I understand how when I am trying to make a positive move for the betterment of both myself and for my family, those nay sayers tell me that I should stop, give up or leave it alone.  They tell me that because I am a woman with little or no money that I will never be able to get anywhere.  They tell me to be satisfied with the small paycheck, sitting in the back of the church being quiet, I’m too old to go back to school and finish what I started, so many other negatives.  It is very rare that you will find someone who tries to encourage you to keep pushing on no matter what.  Many times those closest to you are often envious when you decide to stop complaining and get up and try to make some things happen.  When you were at the bottom with them and felt hopeless and only wanted to “talk” about the “If I only….” that they were cool with you.  Now that you want to “do” what you have talked about and now say “When I get…..or When I do….” that they want to tear you down – bring you back to the bottom of the bucket.

I applaud that crab for even trying and for all matters that count he broke free from his “haters” and briefly felt the freedom he fought for.  He may have ended up on my plate – steamed to perfection-ready to be dipped in garlic sauce but I think he tasted so much better because I knew that he fought with his last.

Thank you crab for showing me that dreams with action often bring results!  And thank you for being such a tasty meal!


About timikalwimberly

I am the person who can light up the place with my personality or the person you can find in the corner observing my surroundings. I smile because I know the secret to joy and peace is not found in man but in God. I laugh because even though life is hard I am still alive to at least experience it. I have no complaints because I am a work in progress and flaws only make me even more beautiful.
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2 Responses to The Crab that got out

  1. Don’t listen to the naysayers. They are followers rather than leaders. Don’t let them keep you from going back to school. You can do it. There are all kinds of grants and student loans especially for women that will help you achieve your dream. Please keep me posted about your progress because I would rather give you a boost up than to pull you back down (especially if you are in a short skirt;, humor) but I really mean it.

    Blessings on you and yours
    John Wilder

    • Timika says:

      Thank you so much John for your words of encouragement. I plan on going back this year and finishing up what I started. Sometimes naysayers are driving forces and incentives for pushing forward and completing just to shut their mouths.

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